What is The ComCare RX Prescription Discount Card?

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Simply, we are an alternative to paying retail prices for your prescription medications. ComCare Rx is a Cash Discount Prescription Card company that is different because we have no enrollment fees or contracts.

Different from the rest means we work for you along with MedImpact to bring you the best possible prices for your prescription medications. You can count on us. Thousands of people, just like you, have used the ComCare Rx Cash Discount Prescription Card and saved.

We are also concerned about the high price of prescription medications for your pet(s). ComCare Rx Pets is our affiliate that provides Cash Discount Prescription Cards on medication you obtain for your pet(s) at your local Pharmacy. You will be glad you did!

What ComCare RX is Not

  • Comcare RX is not an insurance provider
  • Comcare RX is not a pharmacy and does not sell any medications, or supplements